Digital Marketing & Creative Services

For Digital Marketing services, Left Coast Marketing is the solution you’ve been seeking. After all, we are a full service Digital Creative Agency that specializes in Product PhotographyGraphic Design, and Print & Promotional solutions. If you haven’t tried Left Coast Marketing’s photography or digital creative services, label design, and product marketing services, you don’t know what potential customers you’re missing.

Bottle Shots & Product Photography

Our popular product photography service for capturing wine, beer, and specialty food product images. In addition to our internal staff we have a professional network with specific expertise in product photography, food product photography & beverage product photography, or whatever the project calls for.

Design, Print & Promotion

Looking for branding, wine label design, and graphic design help? Your branding solution is our focus at  Left Coast Marketing, where we start with photography & graphic design that will support your digital marketing projects designed to attract more customers. From concept to final proof, our team can manage your entire creative project allowing you to focus on your sales and marketing initiatives. If you already have a creative designer or prefer to handle the graphic design in-house, we can simply manage the print brokering and fulfillment. Based on client budget, we can achieve the objectives for projects of all sizes.

Wine Country Lifestyle Magazine

Drive your wine club members to buy more of your wine and retain their memberships longer through Wine Country Lifestyle magazine

  • Bring the wine country lifestyle into their home and remind them of how much fun they had visiting your winery

  • Market, educate and inform your wine club members about their current winery shipment

  • Direct club members to your website and social media networks

  • Provide recipes for food and wine pairings that are enhanced by your wine

Contact Left Coast Marketing today so we can help your brand Go Digital.

Think about all the channels you need for your product marketing.

Chances are good that you need solid product photography PLUS you need to tell the world about your product via an assortment of printed materials and digital marketing tactics. Ask yourself these questions...

  1. What if you could combine digital marketing, design, print & product photography services into one vendor?

  2. How many doors would open for you and your products if consumers could better interact with your brand?

  3. How could a refreshed look for your business elevate your overall brand perception and impact sales conversions?

As consumers continue to gather information in different ways about various products and services, having a solid Digital Marketing strategy is key to converting them into customers and brand ambassadors. It makes good business sense, doesn’t it?

We are your one-stop-shop for graphic design, print, bottle shot photography, Beverage Product Photography, wine & food product photography and custom publishing services.