Graphic Design & Digital Creative

From concept to final proof, our team can manage your entire creative project allowing you to focus on your sales and marketing initiatives. If you already have a creative designer or prefer to handle the graphic design in-house, we can simply manage the execution of the project including photography, print brokering, and fulfillment. Based on client budget, we can achieve the objectives for projects of all sizes.

Left Coast Marketing is here to help. We are a design & photography creative service agency that has a marketing mindset, which allows us to take our photographs and apply graphic design to the printed label design and product marketing collateral.

If you need graphic design, label design, and product marketing services, Left Coast Marketing is here to help. We are a digital creative agency that has a marketing mindset, which allows us to take our designs, photographs and apply creative assets to both digital and printed product marketing collateral.  

What makes Left Coast Marketing unique when it comes to the way we do product marketing?  

  • We are digital marketers that operate understand tight budgets

  • We are photographers with expertise in graphic design & print

  • We are creative artists that understand marketing ROI.

  • We work with a growing client base of wineries, specialty food companies, beer and spirits makers and even hospitality.

  • Our product marketing packages drive both brand awareness and sales conversions across all sales channels

  • And we are energized and looking to grow our business as a long term partner to our valued clients.

If you haven’t been exposed to Left Coast Marketing’s photography, graphic design, and product marketing services...please call to schedule a free consultation today. You won't be disappointed.

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