Bottle Shots Sonoma County

Bottle Shots Sonoma

 Bottle shots in Sonoma County is where we started our wine bottle photography and product marketing business. When a Sonoma County business contacts us for bottle shots, we often start with a simple wine bottle photography project. Once our Sonoma County clients discover our holistic approach to product marketing, they have us handle the graphic design, printed promotional materials, and digital marketing, too.  

What makes Left Coast Marketing unique from the competition is that we are both technical AND  creative. To explain, we are photographers that are very marketing savvy, and we infuse our marketing strengths into our digital creative projects. If our Sonoma County clients love our wine bottle photography work -- which they usually do -- they know we have the capabilities of taking them beyond wine bottle photography. We take our clients to the next level with full product marketing services, allowing them to digitally market their products far beyond the tasting room!

Sonoma Photographers

Got questions about our product photography packages? Contact us to learn more about our, design, print & promotional services . When we do bottle shots in Sonoma County, wine pickup and drop-off is FREE for wine, beer, & specialty food producers (and just about anyone else).