Client Spotlight: ZO Wines Estate


Client Spotlight: ZO Wines Estate

Tucked away in the beautiful Dry Creek Valley is one of the most amazing wine regions in Sonoma County. Known for its robust Zinfandel wines and crisp Sauvignon Blancs, there is a quaint and emerging winery estate we consider to be one of the hidden gems of the wine industry region. Whether a local or a visitor to the Bay Area or Wine Country, this unique farm stay experience is a MUST-DO!

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The Left Coast Marketing & Design Team was lucky enough to help David Eckert’s vision of ZO Wines come to life through brand development, strategic repositioning, logo design, and reputation management. Taking two very different previous concepts which included a winery and an inn and integrating them together as one resulted in the creation of this “farm stay” concept - a concept on which they pride themselves and the experience they deliver for guests.


David Eckert, owner and winemaker of ZO Wines, partnered with Daniel Baron, former Director of winemaking at Silver Oak, to create and deliver the ultimate experience to the Dry Creek Valley. While the term 'farm stay' is relatively new to Americans, the media is covering it in greater depth in  this unique european-style experience, also known as agritourism. ZO Winery & Estate is a sustainable and environmentally cautious program promoting the four main attributes of the overall farm stay experience: stay, taste, learn, and explore.


Opening in the beginning of March, ZO released their first ever limited wine, 2016 ‘3232’ Zinfandel, which is an ode to the plot of land on which the winery sits. Being ever cautious of their footprint on the land, and the exclusivity of the farm stay, ZO Wines offer tastings by appointment only. Another really cool feature of ZO is their wine club program! Through the program, guests have the opportunity to be apart of the Founders Club at ZO Wines and be among the first few in the club, receiving their delicious, limited quantity wine throughout the year at volume discounts that can also be applied to room rentals.

Unlike most wineries, wine is not the only thing ZO Wines has to taste! During the farm stay experience, Zo Wines can cater guests a boxed lunch or meal, or guests can cook their own farm-to-table style dinners with the fully equipped kitchen with freshly picked veggies from their garden! The unique garden program allows visitors to forage for fresh ingredients to complement every meal during the farm stay!



Sitting on roughly 15 acres of lush land, the ZO Wines team is ever mindful of their ecological footprint. The estate runs entirely on solar power, permitting only a limited number of guests on the property at any given time to preserve the natural land. With individual rooms for rent, combinable in numerous ways up to including the whole house,  couples, families, and friends can enjoy a quiet day and evening on the estate with access to the house’s common areas. This experience includes the kitchen, living room, dining room, and breakfast nook along with a great BBQ area, fire pit, and two outdoor patios/porches providing guests with multiple gorgeous views of the vineyards. Did someone say sunset dinner on the vineyard?  We’re in!


There is so much to learn at ZO Wines. They have so much appreciation for their land and what that gift brings to them and their guests. They want to highlight and share everything they can with their visitors to make the ZO experience the ultimate educational and agricultural based farm stay in Sonoma County.

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The ZO Wines Team created a sensory workshop tasting, where the walls are broken down and suddenly wine tasting becomes less intimidating. Guests learn to connect their senses to their vocabulary to better express tastes and aromas being sensed. The experience exposes visitors to the many aromas of wine and how to identify them in different varietals. The experience also includes an exclusive wine tasting of the many boutique wines from Zo Wines paired with small bites to highlight the experience.

When visiting the estate, guests will notice the production facility is quite small and there aren’t many buildings on the property. In an effort to reduce their footprint on the land, they recycled many of the  empty spaces in their facility, locating all of their equipment in one building rather than building more on the untouched land - a fact they are very proud of at ZO Wines.



This is where the adventure really gets fun! Exploring is one of our favorite aspects of winery experiences - it gives visitors a behind the scenes look at where and how the grapes are grown and how the wine is made. As an important aspect of the ZO Wines farm stay experience, they offer tours led through the estate vineyard, followed by a visit to the winery and cellars. Guests then finish the tour in one of the well-styled tasting lounges or on the lovely shaded patio deck or lawns where they enjoy one of the incredible sensory tastings!

The adventures don’t stop with ZO Wines! They are so proud to be apart of the Dry Creek Valley AVA Community, they want their guests to enjoy ALL Sonoma has to offer, and will customize tours to guests’ wine preferences, taking them to visit all the best neighboring wineries. Don’t want to be driven around, but prefer to bike in the heart of one of the best biking areas in Sonoma?      ZO Wines offers bike rentals as well. ZO not only wants you to have the best overnight stay, but also the best overall trip!

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ZO Wines has a lot of great things planned for the future and we can’t wait to see this place grow! We have been happy to work with such a mindful team and highly recommend you check out this spot!

“The Left Coast Marketing & Design team has been such a pleasure to work with on the ZO Wines Brand Development project. Their creative and easy to work with team helped us to integrate 2 brands into what is now ZO Wines. It’s clear to us that without Left Coast Marketing’s creative and experienced team we would not have been able to create such a compelling brand identity. The team was wonderful to work with and is very clear that each and every one of them loves what they do."
-David Eckert, Owner Winemaker, ZO Wines



How is YOUR Brand Interpreted Online?


How is YOUR Brand Interpreted Online?

Your Brand is one of the most complex and important components of your business. Knowing that, what are you doing to support your brand in the digital world? One of the terms we use daily at Left Coast Marketing & Design is “Digital Presence” meaning the various components of your business that your target consumer might come into contact with online. For every web design project or digital marketing project we seek to understand all the various parts of the business that are touched in the process and how we can help you to create consistency for your audience.

Here, we explain what Digital Presence is and why you need strong initiatives to address it and find success in the digital world:

Digital presence is the way your business is portrayed and received online. You may have heard the term “digital footprint” before, and the two terms go hand in hand. As an owner or marketing executive, you need to be mindful when updating any part of your business - keeping it consistent with the other components of your brand. Consider, as you make changes, what other components you need to change if one single aspect changes?

Your business’ website is your ‘Digital Storefront,’ and your number one goal should be the creation of the ultimate digital experience for your guests. This is the interaction with your visitors at the digital level, so you should ask yourself, “How can I make the best first impression, one that lasts?” Whether it’s your website, your social network engagement, or your email blasts - creating consistency throughout all aspects of your business the customer comes in contact with is important and Left Coast can help you to achieve that.


More often than not, the driving force behind a total brand refresh is the website. It used to be a business’ website was the most important piece of their digital presence. Now, with the level of tech savvy users vastly increasing, as well as the ease at which you can find information on the web, search engines are driving traffic to a business’ most active page. These changes mean instead of users being directed to your company website first, they might be led to your Facebook page, or your Yelp page before ever seeing your website!



You want to make sure that no matter what digital marketing platform your audience is directed to, the messaging and brand is consistently portrayed throughout. Today, people walk into a business for the first time knowing a little bit (or a lot) about them through the resources online, whether it’s from Facebook, Trip Advisor, your company site, or Instagram. You want to make sure you are covering all your bases and really do your business a favor by populating all platforms with compelling content, consistent posting of new content, and up-to-date information.


The content that determines your digital presence is represented by multiple components, because your audience is finding your business through multiple platforms. With each content post, you are building consistency between all the pages a customer might touch while delivering an online experience that ties to your brand. The driving force is your web design and once you initiate the move to change, a “spillover” occurs through it requiring you to update your email blasts, blog (keywords) strategy, and social media outlets, and maybe even photography to reflect your brand effectively to your audience.

The result - your brand is successfully portrayed allowing your target audience to embrace your business.




 A Day in the Life on the Left Coast


A Day in the Life on the Left Coast

At Left Coast Marketing & Design we have five core values we hold very close to us. These values are something every member of the team upholds, making sure we get the work done and have fun doing it. We believe these to be very important aspects of our business model ensuring our work is efficient and effective.

1. Customer Service is our #1 Service

2. Project Management is in our DNA

3. Love What You Do

4. Love Who You Work With

5. Work + Life = Balance

Whether we’re working on a design project, strategizing a digital marketing plan, or in the studio for a product shoot, we always make sure to keep our values in mind. It’s rare you find work which includes client visits in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Sonoma County and Napa Valley wine country. Below, we’ll show you a behind the scenes look at Life on the Left Coast and the madness to all our methods.


1. Customer Service Is Our #1 Service - Our clients are our #1 priority. We make sure to do all we can on our end to satisfy the needs of those we with whom we are doing business - having a plan, staying organized, and keeping a clear line of communication really strengthens the relationships we have developed through the years. Product photoshoots, for example, can be hectic at times, but always come together with an organized plan. We have our photo studio separate from the office, and if desired, we even go in to the clients’ studio space to get the job done! After the shoot, come all the edits - quite a timely process, but staying organized is what gets us through to a successful outcome.

2. Project Management Is In Our DNA - Design is one part of the creative services we offer, whether you need a logo refreshed, a brand revitalized, or innovative print material completed for your company, we got you covered. Our project manager, Jon Strachan, keeps his head fully wrapped around all of the projects coming down the pipeline to ensure efficiency and successful completion of projects on time and in budget. With more than 50 open projects at any given time, it is important for everyone on the team to understand and apply the importance of project management. Once we have full control over the projects at hand, we are then able to take our creative powers and put them to use. We work as a collaborative team and love to have brainstorming sessions to let all creative perspectives run free!

3. Love What You Do - One of our favorite tasks here at Left Coast are client visits! This means going out in the field and reaching each and every client. This point of contact means so much to us; we try and go as often as possible - after all, customer service is our #1 service! We love helping develop and execute innovative plans for our clients in their digital marketing and design efforts, making sure they have everything they need to carry on their business with a strong and consistent web presence and print materials.

4. Love Who You Work With - The team at Left Coast Marketing & Design is small but mighty. With less than 15 people on the team, we have a strong group of creatives putting their minds together to bring Sonoma County and Napa Valley closer and closer to achieving their marketing and design goals. There is nothing better than team lunches, jokes at the office (thanks to Jon and Dan), and client team outings! We can’t wait to see the team grow and the business thrive!

5. Work + Life = Balance - Mixing work with pleasure is an unstated rule here. We give our team the freedom to get their work done in their most productive place. Out by the pool, in the home office, or even working vacation-style from places like Tahoe and Cabo! It just makes Life on the Left Coast that much sweeter! We all have our sanctuaries and favorite spots and we are so lucky we are not cooped up in a cubical all day long!


Is your business in need of a great team to help elevate your brand with Digital Marketing or Design?

We're looking forward to hearing from YOU!



New Business Highlight


New Business Highlight

Last Thursday night, Left Coast Marketing & Design was invited to join the fun at Healdsburg’s newest restaurant, Barrels, Brews, & Bites (B3)! This new spot has a great relaxing, lounge vibe to it creating the perfect atmosphere to spend any time of day, especially our favorite times - brunch and happy hour!  

B3 was established in 2017, by Saundra Kitchen, who had always dreamed of opening her own restaurant. She told us when the time came, there was no doubt that Healdsburg had to be the first (but not last) location to open in the Bay Area. They are bringing forward a new experience that pairs local craft beer and hidden gem wine with savory food pairings that they call a "Trinity Flight." That means, no more splitting up the beer lovers from the wine enthusiasts! The unique concept promised by B3 is a melding of Sonoma County producers and their own "Bite Barons," a term by which their chefs are known, creating the best “sip and savor experience” in Sonoma County.

Join us on a photo journey as we share our experience at B3’s VIP Media Night where they showcased some of their best menu items.


Our first dish featured a combination of two menu favorites, the Lil’ Cluckers Deviled Eggs Done Right and the Crispy Prosciutto Cups.

B3’s unique take on deviled eggs sure is definitely done right. This small bite packed big flavor with the perfect hint of spice from the jalapeno and seasonings of the egg yolk. Topped with the bacon jam, the dish was sweet and complementary - all together a delicious harmony of flavors.

The Crispy Prosciutto Cups were filled with whipped goat cheese, topped with a sweet berry compote and a spicy glazed jalapeno! Either or both appetizers would make the perfect addition to any happy hour!


Barrels, Brews, & Bites adds a creative and colorful touch to their signature dishes with fresh edible flowers! Not simply a decorative addition - they are lightly flavored with hints of citrus orange and tri-spice.



Next, we enjoyed a fresh basket of Red Bird Bakery bread with a trio of house made spreads (from left to right): artichoke, pimento cheese, and smoked salmon. The appetizer paired beautifully with a crisp sparkling wine. Our choices were Rack & Riddle’s Sparkling Rose and Blanc de Blanc - yum!


Fun Fact: B3 doesn’t use your average champagne flute to serve their sparkling wines. Sparkling wine flutes are really fun glasses to drink from, but the glass is mostly for show. A number of wine geeks enjoy drinking sparkling wine out of Burgundy glasses to help open up the aromatics of the wine, and that is what you will find at B3.


We devoured the delectable B Cubed Flat Bread with roasted chicken and cilantro pesto. The light and vibrant fresh flavors paired well with Smith Story’s 2017 Sauvignon Blanc and 2015 Sonoma Coast Chardonnay. We’ll definitely be craving this combination all summer long!


When you know, you know. B3 has some amazing menu items, but the Elotes were off the chart! They have taken a traditional Mexican street snack and elevated it to stand alongside their other menu items. This comfort food has an elegant presence and something we want to snack on all day every day!


For dessert, a sweet treat prepared by the Bite Barons offered us a tasty combination of light chocolate cream with berry compote topped with housemade whip.


Left Coast Marketing & Design wants to congratulate our friends at B3 on their grand opening and happily welcome them as a part of the Healdsburg family. We want to wish you the best of luck! 



Why a Logo Matters to YOUR Business


Why a Logo Matters to YOUR Business

Everywhere you turn you are most likely going to see a brand’s logo. Whether you are at work, out and about in town, or even at home - logos surround you in your day-to-day routine. Take a second and look around you. It’s almost as if you can’t get away from them no matter how hard you try. Why are these pictures and words on products so important? Could you even imagine what your favorite product would be without that packaging design? As a business owner or a designer, it is very important to know what the purpose of a logo is and why it matters so much in making your business successful.


Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 10.18.21 AM.png

The primary purpose of a logo is brand recognition.

You want to give people a visual representation of your brand. If it is compelling enough, it is something that will become ingrained in the minds of society and build success on the familiarity that people have with it. This one very special component of your company should be representative of your brand as a whole. Take the Nike Swoosh for example - when you see it, it is nearly impossible to NOT to think of their brand.

Logos should be looked at as a strategic business tool. As much as the designers of the world want to run wild and create the best piece of art for a business to use as their symbolic brand representation, it should have a strong strategic foundation to stand on. As you go into brand development and design mode, you might ask yourself, “How can this symbol stand out amongst the rest and does it have the potential to “play with the big dogs” like Nike and Apple?” The key here is not to overthink it. When developing the logo design, simplicity is often key. The nicest thing about having some type of non-typographic symbol as your logo is the universality it has. Not only can it develop brand recognition in its native place of creation, but it can become recognized in places and cultures world-wide.


You want to design something easily identifiable to the consumers' eye.

Think of yourself walking down the busiest street in San Francisco, Healdsburg, Sonoma County, or any city big or small  - what brands catch your eye? Maybe the ones you are most familiar with, or the ones with the brightest colors and intriguing pictures… Whatever it is, these are all factors that should go into your design process. As David Airey says in his book Logo Design Love, “A logoless company is a faceless man.” This means so much in your business’ creative brand development and something that should not be overlooked or come as an afterthought. 


Brand logos often influence buyer decisions. When thinking of your logo as a business tool, communicating the brand’s values and any additional meaning may effectively elevate efforts on sales, digital marketing and design. Let’s pretend for a moment that you are at the grocery store shopping for coffee. Now, you might have your go-to, and if you don’t you might pick one that you are familiar with (even if it’s just the name brand). But, what if you wanted to try something new? The options are endless and how do you choose one? More often than not, consumers are influenced by brand packaging and design when in the decision making process. They are left (almost) clueless if unfamiliar with the brand and may only shop by logo design or packaging. The common question people ask themselves is, “What looks good?” It is crucial for business owners and the creative team to keep this in mind when working with the logo.

By understanding the role of a logo design in your brands' development, you will be able to create strong brand identities that will perform for the business, rather than just creating a pretty picture. The logo that you create will be seen on almost all print and digital tools used for your business, including business cards, Sales POS, newsletters, signage and more!

Are you looking for someone to help you strengthen your web presence with design and digital marketing? Take your business to new heights - let’s discuss working together!

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By: Tara Valle