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How to Start Your 2018 Print Marketing on the Right Foot


How to Start Your 2018 Print Marketing on the Right Foot

 Here we are in January 2018 all dressed up for the ball and looking for dance partners. Not only are we all excited about the new year, but we are also making plans for how our future successes will unfold throughout the year. Marketing plans, digital marketing plans, financial plans, personal plans… and everything in-between. At Left Coast Marketing & Design, there are also a lot of plans in the works and many of them are PRINT PROJECTS requiring a print budget to make marketing dreams come true. Will you be our dance partner? Let us show you our Magic Marketing Kit List and get you ready for 2018 ball!

Check out this list of key items that belong in a Marketing Kit, with explanations of WHY. We laid it out on a timeline of TOP priority first!


  • BUSINESS CARDS - to reach you!

  • LINE SHEETS or TASTING NOTES - to review the description of your product with an image.

  • ORDER FORMS - to make their dreamy purchase a reality! One for retail and one for wholesale!

  • FOLDER - to put this all in, of course!

  • BROCHURE - to understand your story and get invested in choosing your product!

  • CLUB SIGN-UP SHEET - because everyone wants to join.

  • BOOKLET or CATALOG - to show how serious you are about your product.

  • STICKER - because everyone loves stickers.

As one of our main core values states, "project management is in our DNA." So when it comes to planning out print projects for the rest of the year, now is our time to help you set things into motion (if we haven't already done so). One of the best ways that we can help serve you is by providing examples of what has worked in the past. Today we are going to touch on one specific example. This is what we can call THE MARKETING KIT. It is the system that the customer will experience for a particular set of products, from the folder that they open up with your logo on it to the line sheets, price sheet, order sheet and possibly a booklet or a brochure and a sticker or something fun – to set the tone of expectation for your potential and existing customers. Nothing screams "we’ve got it together" more than a consistently designed approach with sales.

Now, we understand that upfront a Marketing Kit sounds like a big project. Tight budget? This is where we can help you prioritize what pieces need to happen first and what your timeline is. Then by the end of your timeline, there you have a shiny (or matte) piece of joy... aka MARKETING KIT.

Are we missing anything? Every industry is a little different, especially when working with distributors and retailers. Just remember, everyone loves stickers. And we are here to help you make this Magic Marketing Kit come to a reality.