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Photography Highlights


Photography Highlights

Photography has always been at the top of the list of services we offer here at Left Coast Marketing. Whether it is bottle shots, beauty shots, capturing local events, or mastering food photography; we have a clear passion for the art. 

We have had a blast so far this holiday season shooting for our favorite clients including Benziger, Artesa Vineyards, Lambert Bridge Winery, Papapietro-Perry, Dry Creek Olive Oil, Tattore Farms, Ehlers Estate and Corely Family Vineyards. 


Holiday Catalog Season Just Landed!


Holiday Catalog Season Just Landed!

The 2016 Lambert Bridge Holiday Catalog came together effortlessly. Their team was well-focused on the desired output, so we had a clear target to aim for. We were given two options from the beginning – to either complete it for their September wine-club shipment or for a later shipment, which only allowed a short time for their customers to make holiday orders. We went ahead and pushed for the September deadline. In this case, the timeline was tight, but we had enough room to get through each design stage. And both of our teams were excited to get started, so things came together quickly. There will always be something to the inertia provided by a fast-paced deadline.

Before we knew it, we were completing the photography in-studio. The photos turned out feeling modern and professional. To a designer, fabulous photography is like a golden palette to paint from. Excited to get started on my phase of the timeline, the design of the catalog quickly developed into a tone of rustic modernity, exactly what we were aiming for. Lambert's finalized printed holiday catalogs arrived at their doorstep right on schedule. I got to hand-deliver them myself, ensuring that our Client was pleased. I truly look forward to future projects with Lambert Bridge Winery.

A look into some of our other clients we have worked with this year on holiday catalogs. 

Papapietro Perry & Artesa Winery  

~ by Designer, Chelsea Bond 



Last Call for Holiday Marketing

We invite imagination to our palette for your holiday photography this season.  What is your message?  Let us illustrate it for you.  Contact us now before it's too late!  Last call is October 31, 2015.  Spooky!



Get on Game with Your Holiday Marketing

Business is all about timing.  Get going with your own Holiday Catalogs, Customized Magazines, and Maga-Logs before it's too late.

September marks the beginning of the season.  We jump from Summer to Winter in one breath.  If you aren't looking forward, then you are already behind.  Let us help you be at the head of the curve this season.

We offer:

  • Holiday Photography

  • Holiday Catalogs

  • Customized Magazines

  • Maga-Logs (super optimized, super R.O.I.)

We have a solid team of designers, marketers, copywriters, and creative thinkers that are ready to tackle your holiday project.  Small business owners need every extra moment of time, especially during this season.  Allow us to be your extra hands on board!




Let us capture your new photos for a fresh look this season.

We offer a complete set-up of your merchandise in real settings.



Find inspiration by flipping through Lambert Bridge and Roblar's 2014 Holiday Catalogs, below.



Inspired and curious?  It never hurts to ask.

Fetch yourself a custom quote for your print idea today.