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 A Day in the Life on the Left Coast


A Day in the Life on the Left Coast

At Left Coast Marketing & Design we have five core values we hold very close to us. These values are something every member of the team upholds, making sure we get the work done and have fun doing it. We believe these to be very important aspects of our business model ensuring our work is efficient and effective.

1. Customer Service is our #1 Service

2. Project Management is in our DNA

3. Love What You Do

4. Love Who You Work With

5. Work + Life = Balance

Whether we’re working on a design project, strategizing a digital marketing plan, or in the studio for a product shoot, we always make sure to keep our values in mind. It’s rare you find work which includes client visits in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Sonoma County and Napa Valley wine country. Below, we’ll show you a behind the scenes look at Life on the Left Coast and the madness to all our methods.


1. Customer Service Is Our #1 Service - Our clients are our #1 priority. We make sure to do all we can on our end to satisfy the needs of those we with whom we are doing business - having a plan, staying organized, and keeping a clear line of communication really strengthens the relationships we have developed through the years. Product photoshoots, for example, can be hectic at times, but always come together with an organized plan. We have our photo studio separate from the office, and if desired, we even go in to the clients’ studio space to get the job done! After the shoot, come all the edits - quite a timely process, but staying organized is what gets us through to a successful outcome.

2. Project Management Is In Our DNA - Design is one part of the creative services we offer, whether you need a logo refreshed, a brand revitalized, or innovative print material completed for your company, we got you covered. Our project manager, Jon Strachan, keeps his head fully wrapped around all of the projects coming down the pipeline to ensure efficiency and successful completion of projects on time and in budget. With more than 50 open projects at any given time, it is important for everyone on the team to understand and apply the importance of project management. Once we have full control over the projects at hand, we are then able to take our creative powers and put them to use. We work as a collaborative team and love to have brainstorming sessions to let all creative perspectives run free!

3. Love What You Do - One of our favorite tasks here at Left Coast are client visits! This means going out in the field and reaching each and every client. This point of contact means so much to us; we try and go as often as possible - after all, customer service is our #1 service! We love helping develop and execute innovative plans for our clients in their digital marketing and design efforts, making sure they have everything they need to carry on their business with a strong and consistent web presence and print materials.

4. Love Who You Work With - The team at Left Coast Marketing & Design is small but mighty. With less than 15 people on the team, we have a strong group of creatives putting their minds together to bring Sonoma County and Napa Valley closer and closer to achieving their marketing and design goals. There is nothing better than team lunches, jokes at the office (thanks to Jon and Dan), and client team outings! We can’t wait to see the team grow and the business thrive!

5. Work + Life = Balance - Mixing work with pleasure is an unstated rule here. We give our team the freedom to get their work done in their most productive place. Out by the pool, in the home office, or even working vacation-style from places like Tahoe and Cabo! It just makes Life on the Left Coast that much sweeter! We all have our sanctuaries and favorite spots and we are so lucky we are not cooped up in a cubical all day long!


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The first core value we share at Left Coast Marketing is that Customer Service is our #1 Service. We love all the Clients we work with and we love helping them achieve goals through our services. In order to extend our customer service beyond our Clients we offer Marketing Client Services that include: Brand Identity, Content Strategy, Digital Marketing, and lastly Media & Advertising. Integrating these tools throughout a business can help connect a company to their customers on a personal level. We have the skills and experience in the field and know the right tricks to make it happen. Want more info on our Client Services? Email us with any questions at 



Case Study: St. Francis Winery

Transforming your Wine Club Newsletter
into a Custom Magazine Your Clients will Love

Struggling to develop NEW content for your wine club newsletters and shipment inserts? Wine Country Lifestyle magazine was developed by Left Coast Marketing to help wineries promote their brand story, products, recipes, and events to their customers and wine club members. Each issue is personalized with regional lifestyle articles and a fully customized cover and center spread for the winery. Read below to hear more about how one of our clients transformed their wine club shipment materials with Wine Country Lifestyle magazine.

When St. Francis Winery signed on as a partner with Wine Country Lifestyle magazine, their goal was not only to minimize the amount of loose literature that was being shipped in club member shipments but to also provide members a more robust visual piece that represents their brand.

“We didn’t really have a newsletter.  What we use to do with our shipments is put a letter in the box that talked about the wines they were receiving, including tech information – and then we also had tech cards and a recipe for each wine. It was a lot of paper and we were looking for something different to spruce it up and give our members something more cohesive,” said Erica Gomez, Senior Marketing Specialist. 
“What we had originally also didn’t really say anything visually about who we are and what we do,” she added. 

St Francis Winery was able to work with Wine Country Lifestyle staff to personalize the magazine to fit their winery brand and pair feature articles on regionally specific lifestyle content developed for the wine enthusiast. This quarterly publication helped them to combine several marketing solutions: a quarterly newsletter, a wine catalog, and a club member gift that members can enjoy until their next shipment.

“There were a lot of pieces that weren’t as much as a problem in-house as it was for the shipping and making sure the right pieces landed in the right boxes. The magazine allows us to streamline that process,” said Erica.

Although the magazine is still new to some staff and club members, St Francis Winery has received positive feedback on the change. 

“We have received some good feedback from people,” said Wine Club Manager Leyburn Skonberg, “I also try to get the staff to show it to visitors in the tasting room that are interested in being club members, to let them know that they receive this nice collateral with their shipment.” 

Not only does Wine Country Lifestyle magazine offer a personalized magazine for wine club shipments, the magazine can also be digitally distributed to a winery’s entire mailing list. 

For more information on how to boost club member retention and wine club reorders through Wine Country Lifestyle magazine, visit



Customer Service is Our Number One Service

Core Value #1:

Customer Service is our number one service.

Often times, we are asked by people what it is that our company does.  We used to say that we were a creative agency and that we helped customers with marketing, design, print, photography, and custom publishing – but now, we think of it in terms of servicing our customers...  

Today, when people ask us what we do, we tell them that we do whatever it is that customers need to help them support their businesses.  Above all else, Customer Service is our number one service at Left Coast Marketing.  It is fulfilling the creative and marketing needs of our customers in every way.

That is what our customers expect from us.

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