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New Member Feature: Mallory Anderson

We are excited to have a new member on the Left Coast Marketing team, Project Coordinator Mallory Anderson. Mallory is the first of hopefully many Summer Interns that we will develop as part of our NEW internship program. Mallory hails from my alma mater CSU Chico and is preparing for her senior year where she will soon graduate and head out into the great big world. Oh yeah...she is also pretty handy with the camera and shoots portraits and general landscape. We are very excited to have Mallory on the team!

Here is a brief bio in Mallory’s own words: I was born and raised in Petaluma, CA and am currently painting my path on my way to a career. I love the outdoors and adventuring which led me to choosing Chico State as my school of choice to earning a degree. I am majoring in Communication Design with a focus in Media Arts, and double minoring in Marketing and Broadcasting.

Some of the projects we have Mallory working on presently include Customer & Prospect Data Mgmt, Digital Marketing Support, Design & Photography Project Support, Direct Mail Campaigns, and General Sales Support. In addition, Mallory is going to leverage her education in Communication Design to polish up our standard operating procedures and to formally build out our college internship program for both CSU Chico and CSU Sonoma students. Having worked hard to get through college myself, I recognize the importance of the work experience I received each summer break and truly appreciate the mentors that have come into my life who are with me to this day. Giving back to the community and helping young people to help themselves has been an important Core Value for my family and it is very satisfying to bring that into our company culture at Left Coast Marketing.

~ by Owner Dan Chapin



Behind the Scenes of Our Magazine

When it comes to Custom Publishing, I cannot stress enough to our Clients that this is the most cost effective way to get a message across to their audience. Wine Country Lifestyle magazine, our unique twist on Custom Publishing, offers something that a simple newsletter cannot do... not to mention the sense of community that the magazine portrays. 

When having a newsletter sample next to a Custom Publishing piece, it is clear that the audience will want to pick up the magazine first.  From personalized articles to the latest lifestyle trends in Sonoma County and Napa Valley, it keeps the mind engaged – which is exactly what we want from your consumers. The best part is, most commonly, Custom Publishing is less expensive than the typical newsletter. This is also a great way to stand out from the everyday winery that sends out a newsletter that ends up as bathroom material. I mean – come on, a magazine will stay on the coffee table or front desk for everyone to view. 

I love that Wine Country Lifestyle offers Custom Pages, just for the Client to be featured. Ultimately, the entire magazine features this Client on the front and back cover, as well as 4 additional Custom Pages. Two of these pages are the centerfold, inviting the OOOO and AAHHH factor. 

As a Designer for the Custom Pages, I find myself creating the center spread as I would for a pin up. When flipping to that center page, one cannot stop looking at it! A little bit of drool makes itself present as you wish that wine was in your collection already. Gotta have it, gotta have it! 

Another exciting element we added to the Custom Pages are Templates. We have created Templates for a fun and easy way to pick the general layout and look of a Client's Custom Pages. This creates a completely customized look for the Client and makes this easier on the design team; it is a win win! 

Wine Country Lifestyle is also all about the community in which your winery or small business stands in. With the magazine featuring over 5 local businesses in each issue, it shows the support and relationships within small businesses and big wineries. This is what Wine Country is all about. 

In essence of supporting our community, we are offering a Summer Promotion.  New Clients receive 10% off of their fully customized Wine Country Lifestyle magazine, showcasing their company or small business. We love meeting new Clients as it always bring new perspective on, well…everything. What can we say, we are winos and foodies, love who you work with right? 

~ by Designer, Alicia Connell



Behind the Scenes

One of our three Core Values at Left Coast Marketing is:
"Work Hard Play Hard with our Customers and Our Team."

In this last month, we got to participate in A Ruby Affair, the 40th Anniversary for the Wine Road!  A wine barrel that we sponsored was transformed into a piece of art, and was on display with many others.  In this last month, we also published our Summer Issue for our Wine Country Lifestyle Magazine, customized for Geyser Peak!  Click here to flip through the pages.  We even observed our local firefighters put out a fire in downtown Healdsburg, and are happy to know that everyone was safe.  Lots has happened behind the scenes.  Stay tuned at your favorite social media outlet!  Find us on on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.