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Are you ready for Christmas (in July)?


Are you ready for Christmas (in July)?

Get Your Holiday Campaigns Ready Early This Year

It’s 100 degrees and all through the office, all our designers were stirring, it was a Pre-Holiday Caucus.

Ok, you may think we’re crazy with this holiday talk as we sit sweating through the early stages of summer. But getting ahead of your holiday campaign business planning now, will save you time, money, and energy when the season is in fully swing.

Left Coast Christmas In July.jpg

Here some things to think about to prevent a real Nightmare Before Christmas.  

Print Design and Design Production: Inserts and brochures and order forms, Oh My! Don’t fear the volume of pending print materials you’ll need. You have access to the best print services and prices courtesy of Left Coast Printing. That means from kick-off to concept to print design to delivery of your holiday catalog and beyond, we have a full-service print design and production program set up so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy that hot chocolate. Extra whip, right?

 Start Making Your List. We’ll Check It Twice.

o   Holiday Cards

o   Shipment Inserts

o   Order Forms

o   Postcards

o   Holiday Catalogs

Product Photography: Our Studio Photography team is at the ready to get those product photos shot so you can be ready to post, add photos to graphic designs, and update your website with your latest product releases and special holiday product photography. That’s a wrap(ping paper)!

Digital Marketing: The summer months are perfect for brainstorming and getting budgets lined up for your supporting digital marketing campaigns. Whether you’re pushing for corporate gifting, a holiday gala, or a special holiday gift set, let’s talk about the most efficient spend of your end of year marketing budget for the most effective digital marketing channel. We’ll set it up, and come holiday time, you’ll be ready to jingle all the way.  

o   SEO – now is the time to start implementing best SEO practices so your website is primed and ready to search! We’ll put our keyword elves to work.

o   Content Marketing – we are ready to build your blog and email content so everything is ready to send with a click of a button. Just add gumdrops.

o   Native Advertising – your campaign concept is the Gingerbread House, and Native Advertising is the icing that puts it all together. Let’s put your biggest initiative to the world wide web with custom content, paid traffic, and a concept that converts! 

 Ready, Set, Rudolph! Get on board with our pre-holiday planning by sending us a note here. This is the year you are so ahead of the game, and we’re looking forward to spreading holiday cheer with you (right after we finish this beer in our board shorts…).


Client Spotlight: Robert John Vineyards


Client Spotlight: Robert John Vineyards

Robert John Vineyards is a limited production boutique winery located in Napa, California that specializes in the highest quality cabernet sauvignon and sauvignon blanc wines. RJV wines was founded in 2009 by Robert John Nowinski who took an interest to the wine culture when he was on a business trip in Napa Valley. Being an orthopedic surgeon from New Albany Ohio, he felt disconnected from the numerous wine enthusiasts that he was surrounded by on the trip and it bothered him that he was not able to converse with his colleagues about wine. Motivated and inspired by his experience in Napa, RJ decided to make learning about wine his new hobby. Once he had read all the wine books he could, he realized that the only true way to really immerse himself in the wine culture, was to go back to Napa. During his trips back to wine country RJ was able to meet with winemakers and vineyard managers who gave him exclusive insight on how wine is made and information on small producers in Napa Valley. Learning from winemakers, especially those who were doing things a little different from the norm, helped launch RJ’s career in wine.

In 2009 RJ was a man on a mission, he started calling grape growers and winemakers asking if he could purchase fruit and he had had his lawyer look into availability of possible names for his brand. RJ decided to use his own name to trademark his brand and so, RJV Vineyards was born.

RJV Vineyards has been a Left Coast Marketing Client since 2015 and we have had the pleasure of working with them during numerous projects including their recent trade show event where we helped them prepare by designing their tastings notes, expandable backdrop, wine club forms and email marketing campaigns! We also took the bottle shot photos that are used on their website.


RJ looks at wine like art – and calls it, “a personal expression of self interest” and loves how wine is something that brings people together and creates experiences. We absolutely love working with RJV Vineyards and look forward to many more creative projects with them in the future!

By Sarah Seabourne


Do you have a small design budget? Here are 3 different ways to maximize your ROI


Do you have a small design budget? Here are 3 different ways to maximize your ROI

Social Media Promotion:

Social media is one of the most cost-efficient digital marketing methods used to syndicate content and increase your business’ visibility. Implementing a social media strategy greatly increases your brand recognition. Think about it. These platforms allow you to engage with a broad audience of consumers beyond the walls of your business. Think BIG and implement SMALL. Starting with a small budget will allow you to execute a social media advertising campaign. You will immediately begin to see what ads are effective and what audience they are effective with. As you become more comfortable, fine tune your strategy and try increasing your budget.

Printed Piece:

The conventional wisdom is that everything print is dead, but plenty of people didn’t get the memo. Print media, such as direct mailers, catalogs and even magazines, allow for unlimited exposure. Tie-in some Targeted Print Advertising, and your promotional budget just got more efficient AND effective. Remember! Match your message with the interests of a niche print medium’s subscribers and you’ve got a win.


We would like to argue that photography leads successful marketing campaigns. Having a solid gallery of photos to scatter across your social media platforms is a cost efficient way to stay relevant and engaged. Creating content marketing explosion plays one the major role in the business: It helps curate your own identity. Isn’t that fun? Professional photography has a major role in the marketing explosion. People usually remember visual memories more than reading text or listening to elevator pitches. Market your business by utilizing the skills of a professional photographer. It is one of the best methods out there to make your business stand out from the rest of the pack 



How to Start Your 2018 Print Marketing on the Right Foot


How to Start Your 2018 Print Marketing on the Right Foot

 Here we are in January 2018 all dressed up for the ball and looking for dance partners. Not only are we all excited about the new year, but we are also making plans for how our future successes will unfold throughout the year. Marketing plans, digital marketing plans, financial plans, personal plans… and everything in-between. At Left Coast Marketing & Design, there are also a lot of plans in the works and many of them are PRINT PROJECTS requiring a print budget to make marketing dreams come true. Will you be our dance partner? Let us show you our Magic Marketing Kit List and get you ready for 2018 ball!

Check out this list of key items that belong in a Marketing Kit, with explanations of WHY. We laid it out on a timeline of TOP priority first!


  • BUSINESS CARDS - to reach you!

  • LINE SHEETS or TASTING NOTES - to review the description of your product with an image.

  • ORDER FORMS - to make their dreamy purchase a reality! One for retail and one for wholesale!

  • FOLDER - to put this all in, of course!

  • BROCHURE - to understand your story and get invested in choosing your product!

  • CLUB SIGN-UP SHEET - because everyone wants to join.

  • BOOKLET or CATALOG - to show how serious you are about your product.

  • STICKER - because everyone loves stickers.

As one of our main core values states, "project management is in our DNA." So when it comes to planning out print projects for the rest of the year, now is our time to help you set things into motion (if we haven't already done so). One of the best ways that we can help serve you is by providing examples of what has worked in the past. Today we are going to touch on one specific example. This is what we can call THE MARKETING KIT. It is the system that the customer will experience for a particular set of products, from the folder that they open up with your logo on it to the line sheets, price sheet, order sheet and possibly a booklet or a brochure and a sticker or something fun – to set the tone of expectation for your potential and existing customers. Nothing screams "we’ve got it together" more than a consistently designed approach with sales.

Now, we understand that upfront a Marketing Kit sounds like a big project. Tight budget? This is where we can help you prioritize what pieces need to happen first and what your timeline is. Then by the end of your timeline, there you have a shiny (or matte) piece of joy... aka MARKETING KIT.

Are we missing anything? Every industry is a little different, especially when working with distributors and retailers. Just remember, everyone loves stickers. And we are here to help you make this Magic Marketing Kit come to a reality.



It's not the Wurst thing that's happened to us...


It's not the Wurst thing that's happened to us...

Much like the rest of our community, we were were drawn to the Wurst by their use of witty tag lines and high reviews. Something about the location also drew us in. Maybe it was their giant sausage sculpture over the sidewalk or the neon EAT sign in the window. Or maybe it was their outdoor seating in the modern grange style…

Whatever it was, we are happy we found the Wurst. (It’s not the Wurst thing that’s happened to us!) Offering a variety of different menu choices, from their specialty sausages, burgers, and sandwiches, to salads with special house made dressing, the Wurst had our tastebuds just as intrigued as our first impressions. And for those who like craft beer, it’s one of our favorite places to grab a brewski, hard cider, or even a glass of wine.

Behind the scenes, there is more to tell. Started by owner Charles Bell, a Healdsburg local, the Wurst is turning 7 this year. That means Charles gets to celebrate 7+ years of health. Before he opened the restaurant, he had survived a late state throat cancer, which speaks to his passion for life and energy that goes into the restaurant. His story has provided hope and gratitude for those who walk in his door. What else did he do before the Wurst? Charles had an exciting several years of touring as a musician, completing chefs training at a culinary institute, and cooking with a catering crew for the Royal Family. This is when he decided to revisit his passion for entrepreneurship and the culinary arts, and the Wurst was born.

We are not only inspired by Charles’s story, but have also had the honor of working with him on his marketing materials. We met him at our local Steelhead Festival and ended up in conversation around his needs as a small business in Healdsburg. The Healdsburg market is like no other. Consumers don’t travel much off of the town square. The question for all businesses off the square is this: How do I get people in the door? Luckily, the Wurst was already busy, so the next question is: How do we get people to come back? And for Left Coast Marketing… how can we support an already-successful business? Well, there is one thing we specialize in as a creative agency, and that is our creativity! What makes creativity successful? CONSISTENCY. 

Charles agreed that he could use new print materials for his menu that has changed over the years. He was in execution mode, taping over old prices with new ones. In order to maintain consistency, he had to do this while in the pinch of taking orders and serving food! We took this as an opportunity to curate his restaurant with specially-designed menus in the form of signage, brochures, and decals. While staying true to his brand, we successfully designed matching (consistent) materials, to be seen from the walkers-by to the customers at the register. Now all of his materials have the same style, the prices match, and the menu items are the same. Next time you’re there, take a look! We look forward to more lunch meetings at the Wurst!


By Chelsea Bond & Sarah Seabourne