Choosing a creative agency to represent your unique brand is like taking on a business partner, and here at Left Coast Marketing & Design, we aim to approach every new client with dedicated service and expertise that gives your business the competitive edge. Print Services start with an idea or a concept. Our in house professionals will be ready to run with your print-ready file or, will work with you to develop the print item to meet your business needs.

We are a design & photography creative service agency that has a marketing mindset, which allows us to take our photographs and apply graphic design to the printed label design and product marketing collateral. With that said, Left Coast Marketing is here to help! We believe that there are 3 basic printed business essentials that every company should have, let's take a look...

Number 1:  Business Cards. Even with our modern lifestyle of everything digital, handing a prospect your business card can make your first meeting personal and genuine. A well designed business card is the first impression of your brand.

Number 2: Stationary. Like your business card, your stationery may be the first thing a prospect sees with your brand. Stationery is not only your letterhead, but may also include items like: envelope, labels, invoices, thank-you cards, and presentation folders. Stationery makes your business look professional and credible.

Number 3: Brochures. Brochures are versatile and can be distributed in racks, waiting rooms, mailed or handed out at trade shows. Your message can be focused and precise with a specific call to action. With short-run digital printing, brochure printing does not need to be a major expense.

Whether it's wine, retail, hospitality, specialty food & beverage or real estate, we are here to help you with your next print project!  A 10% discount will be given for ALL new clients and local Healdsburg businesses.