Much like the rest of our community, we were were drawn to the Wurst by their use of witty tag lines and high reviews. Something about the location also drew us in. Maybe it was their giant sausage sculpture over the sidewalk or the neon EAT sign in the window. Or maybe it was their outdoor seating in the modern grange style…

Whatever it was, we are happy we found the Wurst. (It’s not the Wurst thing that’s happened to us!) Offering a variety of different menu choices, from their specialty sausages, burgers, and sandwiches, to salads with special house made dressing, the Wurst had our tastebuds just as intrigued as our first impressions. And for those who like craft beer, it’s one of our favorite places to grab a brewski, hard cider, or even a glass of wine.

Behind the scenes, there is more to tell. Started by owner Charles Bell, a Healdsburg local, the Wurst is turning 7 this year. That means Charles gets to celebrate 7+ years of health. Before he opened the restaurant, he had survived a late state throat cancer, which speaks to his passion for life and energy that goes into the restaurant. His story has provided hope and gratitude for those who walk in his door. What else did he do before the Wurst? Charles had an exciting several years of touring as a musician, completing chefs training at a culinary institute, and cooking with a catering crew for the Royal Family. This is when he decided to revisit his passion for entrepreneurship and the culinary arts, and the Wurst was born.

We are not only inspired by Charles’s story, but have also had the honor of working with him on his marketing materials. We met him at our local Steelhead Festival and ended up in conversation around his needs as a small business in Healdsburg. The Healdsburg market is like no other. Consumers don’t travel much off of the town square. The question for all businesses off the square is this: How do I get people in the door? Luckily, the Wurst was already busy, so the next question is: How do we get people to come back? And for Left Coast Marketing… how can we support an already-successful business? Well, there is one thing we specialize in as a creative agency, and that is our creativity! What makes creativity successful? CONSISTENCY. 

Charles agreed that he could use new print materials for his menu that has changed over the years. He was in execution mode, taping over old prices with new ones. In order to maintain consistency, he had to do this while in the pinch of taking orders and serving food! We took this as an opportunity to curate his restaurant with specially-designed menus in the form of signage, brochures, and decals. While staying true to his brand, we successfully designed matching (consistent) materials, to be seen from the walkers-by to the customers at the register. Now all of his materials have the same style, the prices match, and the menu items are the same. Next time you’re there, take a look! We look forward to more lunch meetings at the Wurst!


By Chelsea Bond & Sarah Seabourne