You're probably thinking holidays in July??? But we are thinking ahead! 

A year ago we were putting in hard work on creating holiday catalogs for some of our Clients. From doing on site photoshoots to putting in the hours in Adobe Creative Suite designing page layouts, we gave it all to ensure our Clients would have the best Holiday Catalogs to send out. 

Here are some fun beauty shots we captured at Benziger Winery last June. We had a great day with their team and ours! We even got to bring our intern at the time along for the ride to see how a professional photoshoot plays out. We also made a little friend that day...check it out! 

For Artesa Winery's Holiday Catalog last year we took the photography back to the studio where we set up the scene with some photo styling using our props and backdrops. We loved how these shots turned out as well! 

We are thinking ahead and we want you to as well! Share your wine collection with your club members and their families and spread a little holiday cheer...or at least start to in June! 

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