Three Last Minute Tips for your Holiday Instagram Posts

Is your business on Instagram?

Looking for ways to stand out this Holiday Season?

Here are a few simple tactics you can use to grab attention and increase engagement with holiday shoppers on Instagram.

1. Show your holiday products in a way that connects with your Instagram followers

Make sure to show your products in a creative and unique way that appeals to your market. Have professional photos taken, Left Coast Marketing can help you with photography by taking beautiful pictures that are professional and authentic.To generate conversions and increase sales and impulse buys, use high–quality images of your products with mentions of sales, promotions and giveaways. Instagram is one of the most friendly social media platforms! Use the pronoun “You” in your updates to keep it personal and engaging. With many users more willing to splurge come the holiday season, promoting sales and discounts on Instagram gives them the perfect reason to do so.

2. Keep your updates short, friendly, specific and fun

Captions should be concise and can incorporate relevant hashtags. If one of your goals is to increase engagement, ask a question in your caption. Instagram isn’t the place for lengthy paragraphs. Keep things as concise as possible. At this time of year, you might even ask questions like “Tell us one thing you’re thankful for,” or “What’s your favorite Christmas carol?” or “Have you come up with a New Year’s resolution yet?

3. Run a contest for the holiday gifting season

Get your customers more involved with your brand and products. Make social media marketing fun by creating a holiday contest for your followers. The more emotionally invested your customer is, the more likely they will buy from you - and the more likely they will spend more too. Encourage your Instagram audience to create and share holiday–themed content using a branded hashtag. Consider offering some sort of reward, whether you’re running an official contest or not. The prize can be a gift card, giveaway or the chance to have their content featured by your company.