In order to get everyone ready for the new year we decided to do a BLOG post dedicated to ways that your company can refresh its Marketing & Creative Assets in order to ensure success during 2018.  Below are 5 different ideas that we think could help you get organized from a sales and marketing perspective!

1. Brand Identity Refresh

January is a great month to revisit your brand identity to make sure it remains fresh with today's style, while still staying true to the roots of your original brand. We love any opportunity to work with our clients to refresh the look and feel of their brand. In order to do so, we must put our creative superpowers together to create authentic content for our clients.  Whether its photography, website design or custom stationary necessities, LCM is here to answer all of your Brand Identity Refresh questions.

2. Brand Style Guide Refresh

A Brand Style Guide includes many important brand assets (i.e. logo, fonts, colors, etc.) needed to begin any creative project. Just like every company needs a set of S.O.P.s (Standard Operating Procedures) every company/brand needs a Brand Style Guide. We like to include examples of both print and digital design assets, relevant call outs, font colors and when to build them for our clients.

3. Digital Marketing Refresh

When planning your digital marketing strategy, be sure to get input from your business development and sales team if you have that capacity. They may have insights from day-to-day interactions with customers regarding content ideas and keywords that are valuable for gaining traction organically in search engine results. Gaining business from your companies social media platforms becomes even easier after getting your 2018 digital media affairs in order!

4. Website Refresh

Have you seen the latest website designs? It's amazing how technology has evolved in the design world over the years. Whether you are looking to refresh your website’s look and feel to appeal to specific audiences, or refresh your content to boost your search engine results, it's a good idea to factor both into your marketing budget. Another important aspect to keep in mind as technology continues to evolve is understanding where your website visitors are coming from. Websites are unique, and we here at Left Coast Marketing know full well that each person or company has specific needs and desires. Our aim is to make your website stronger and more useful for you and your customers.

5. Business Stationary Refresh

Business cards, letterhead, custom email signatures, and graphics are all examples of physical paper items that can be used as business stationery for your company. Refreshing your stationery doesn’t necessarily mean having a full redesign overhaul. It could be as simple as adjusting the layout, adding your social media links or hints of color from your logo in certain text elements. Left Coast Marketing has worked with many different companies to give their stationary an upgrade on numerous occasions, so if you are wanting more information let us know!