Although the holidays are fast approaching, it’s not too late to reach your clients before the holiday hype is over! We put together a Survival Kit with some marketing/advertising ideas for companies who still want to jump on the holiday marketing bandwagon!


1. Launch a Festive Email

You can cater your email marketing efforts specifically to the holiday season. Add festive titles and touches that will appeal to those in the holiday spirit. If you need help designing the email template, Left Coast Marketing has got you covered.


2.  Hold a 12 Days of Christmas Sale

To keep clients active throughout the holiday season, you can host a special sale where people can get specific products or deals for twelve days leading up to Christmas. You can even throw in some fun themed days to really get people into the spirit. Send an email to your customers highlighting certain products and holiday gift bundles with a cool holiday packaging design.


3. Send Out Holiday Postcards

It only takes our Left Coast Marketing team one week to design, shoot, and print something like a holiday postcard. Stand out from other businesses with a beautifully designed postcard that showcases what your company has to offer and get it done quickly with LCM!


4. Participate in the Big Shopping Days

If you are a small business, Small Business Saturday will likely be one of the most important days of the season. It’s a day when people are looking to shop small and discover locally-owned businesses in their area.


5. Create an Instagram Hashtag

If you want to increase engagement on Instagram throughout the holidays, you can create a specific hashtag that people can use to show off how they use your products in holiday gifts, recipes, parties and more.


We hope these tips help, and we look forward to assisting you with any of your holiday marketing needs!

By Sarah Seabourne