Monticello Vineyards, located in Napa Valley in the Yountville District Appellation, is owned and managed by the Corley Family now entering into the 3rd generation of family operators. As a company dedicated to the hospitality of their customers and employees, the quality of their wines reflect the hard work that is put into making their company authentic and successful. After forty plus years of operation, Monticello Vineyards produces approximately 15,000 cases annually with 3 distinct brand designations: MONTICELLO VINEYARDS, CORLEY RESERVE and CORLEY.


Left Coast Marketing has had the pleasure of supporting Monticello Vineyards and Corley Family Wines with their marketing initiatives since 2013.  Our most recent collaboration with Monticello Vineyards and Corley Family Wines is a Holiday Gift Guide Booklet, showcasing special holiday wine offerings and discounts, which we pitched as one of the best sales tools in terms of ROI that we can help our clients to produce each year. Past projects for Monticello include product photography, tasting notes and event marketing which have involved every member of our creative team.  


“Left Coast Marketing & Design has created and fostered a culture whereby their team is encouraged to understand their client. They take the task at hand but view it with a wide-angle lens to capture the entirety of our brand vision while being mindful of the broader context of the evolving marketplace.” -Stephen A. Corley


Monticello Vineyards is constantly pursuing new ways to better their company, Left Coast Marketing is honored to take part in the development of new ideas, and to help Monticello Vineyards visions come to life through marketing, design and photography. We can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring!


“Very few things in life are both of the moment and timeless; every time you open a Corley wine, you rediscover the original experience but with more understanding than before.”


By Sarah Seabourne