Project Management is in Our DNA

Taking a Project from Concept to Completion

When clients come to us with new ideas on producing materials for their business, the first thing we do is schedule a kick-off meeting with their assigned project manager (PM). It has been our experience that managing a project for the client alleviates their stress and makes it a more pleasant experience. We believe marketing and branding is fun, that’s why we do it, and we want our clients to get excited about it as well. Here are a few tricks of the trade we offer:


1. Listening

We want to ensure that our client’s vision comes to fruition quickly and effectively so that we are not racking up hours going back and forth in the planning stage. Many times we will suggest starting the project with what we call the Mock-Stage: creating different ideas and mood boards before moving into the first stage of a proof. We begin the process with a project kick-off meeting with the PM and the designer, either face-to face or virtually as we know how busy our clients can be. The designer and the PM work together, taking notes and jotting down ideas to bring back to the client. From there, the client can combine elements of the different visions presented to create one direction for the designer. Listening to what the client envisions the end result to be from the start of the project helps us eliminate major change requests throughout the design process.


2. Organization and Executing on Deadline

We understand that our clients are busy and the last thing we want them to worry about is what dates they need to remember to submit materials and their proof approvals to us. Our PM is there to send friendly reminders and keep the client’s team and our team on task. Having organizational skills and systems in place also comes in handy when a client is requesting multiple projects at one time. 


3. Friendly and Flexible

Our project managers tend to be straight to the point and work hard to be effective efficient and execute in time to meet material deadlines for print and delivery. With that being said, we strive to be the person our clients can talk openly to and act as the liaison between team members on both sides so that the client doesn’t have to. We work to complete projects in whatever style best fits your company. Only available to meet at your location? We come to you. Too busy to talk and prefer alternative forms of communication? We are wired. This experience is meant to be easy and enjoyable so let us know how we can help to make that happen.


4. Foresees Possible Road Blocks

A good project manager is a problem solver and finds ways to move mountains when a problem arises. We have a talented group of creatives at our fingertips and use their expertise to help get projects to the finish line. If there is an issue with timeline or the scope of work changes, we will look for new ways to get the project done and offer solutions to help the client achieve their goals. 

Are you a new client looking for help with your marketing materials? Talk to one of our project managers about setting up an appointment. We work on one-time projects as well as offer a retainer program. See how we can make marketing fun for you and help grow your business.


5. Rinse & Repeat

It is important to document your internal processes (standard operating procedures) to avoid inventing the wheel with each project. By properly documents your SOPs you can easily repeat the process with the additional benefit of having a checklist for successfully executing projects. his in turn can be added to your internal training manual or employee handbook which will reduce overall costs for new hires. Rinse and Repeat!

~ by Project Manager, Robin Gordon