Some industry experts shy away from advising their clients to create printed holiday catalogs, magazines, and “maga-logs” due to their expensive production costs. But Left Coast Marketing found a smart way around that. Our customized publications are both PRINT & DIGITAL, which means you can send out as many as you like without additional cost for digital. For those clients who prefer a printed catalog, we have printing partners that can print out as many catalogs, magazines, or “maga-logs” as you need. Whatever type of custom publication you choose -- digital or print -- you can distribute them to whomever you want, including wine club members, your email subscribers, people you meet at a trade show, targeted demographics, etc...

Want to learn more about your digital publishing options? We’ll show you how you can get digitally creative with Left Coast Marketing. Contact us today and let’s discuss which custom publications are more likely to boost your holiday sales.

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