It's not the Wurst thing that's happened to us...


It's not the Wurst thing that's happened to us...

Much like the rest of our community, we were were drawn to the Wurst by their use of witty tag lines and high reviews. Something about the location also drew us in. Maybe it was their giant sausage sculpture over the sidewalk or the neon EAT sign in the window. Or maybe it was their outdoor seating in the modern grange style…

Whatever it was, we are happy we found the Wurst. (It’s not the Wurst thing that’s happened to us!) Offering a variety of different menu choices, from their specialty sausages, burgers, and sandwiches, to salads with special house made dressing, the Wurst had our tastebuds just as intrigued as our first impressions. And for those who like craft beer, it’s one of our favorite places to grab a brewski, hard cider, or even a glass of wine.

Behind the scenes, there is more to tell. Started by owner Charles Bell, a Healdsburg local, the Wurst is turning 7 this year. That means Charles gets to celebrate 7+ years of health. Before he opened the restaurant, he had survived a late state throat cancer, which speaks to his passion for life and energy that goes into the restaurant. His story has provided hope and gratitude for those who walk in his door. What else did he do before the Wurst? Charles had an exciting several years of touring as a musician, completing chefs training at a culinary institute, and cooking with a catering crew for the Royal Family. This is when he decided to revisit his passion for entrepreneurship and the culinary arts, and the Wurst was born.

We are not only inspired by Charles’s story, but have also had the honor of working with him on his marketing materials. We met him at our local Steelhead Festival and ended up in conversation around his needs as a small business in Healdsburg. The Healdsburg market is like no other. Consumers don’t travel much off of the town square. The question for all businesses off the square is this: How do I get people in the door? Luckily, the Wurst was already busy, so the next question is: How do we get people to come back? And for Left Coast Marketing… how can we support an already-successful business? Well, there is one thing we specialize in as a creative agency, and that is our creativity! What makes creativity successful? CONSISTENCY. 

Charles agreed that he could use new print materials for his menu that has changed over the years. He was in execution mode, taping over old prices with new ones. In order to maintain consistency, he had to do this while in the pinch of taking orders and serving food! We took this as an opportunity to curate his restaurant with specially-designed menus in the form of signage, brochures, and decals. While staying true to his brand, we successfully designed matching (consistent) materials, to be seen from the walkers-by to the customers at the register. Now all of his materials have the same style, the prices match, and the menu items are the same. Next time you’re there, take a look! We look forward to more lunch meetings at the Wurst!


By Chelsea Bond & Sarah Seabourne


Client Spotlight: Trentadue Winery


Client Spotlight: Trentadue Winery

This month’s Client Spotlight is on one of our favorite clients...Trentadue Winery. Left Coast Marketing & Design has been working with Trentadue for over 3 years as their Creative Agency. We have worked on everything from print design to web and email template design to wine club newsletters to new wine and food packaging design and most recently event marketing support. They have many exciting plans for the future after hiring new Chief Operating Officer, Jim Debonis.

Trentadue is a beautiful winery located in Geyserville California. The Trentadue family arrived in Sonoma County long before the region gained a reputation as the Wine Country. Evelyn and Leo Trentadue, who were dedicated agriculturists, contributed significantly to the advancement of their region over the years. The Trentadues were among the very first to plant new vines in Sonoma County since the days of Prohibition. Surrounded by beautiful vineyards, Trentadue is known for their romantic ambiance and their delicious wines.  

Trentadue has exciting plans for 2018 with relaunch of their Old Patch Red. One of the key initiatives for Trentadues 2018 marketing strategy is to focus on boosting their social media awareness, website traffic and direct consumer sales for their Trentadue Winery brand. They hope to stand out from the rest of the pack by being “ relevant, modern, and provocative” with their marketing initiatives in the upcoming year.

Trentadues Happy Hour Thursday, which launched this past summer was a huge success and featured live music, food trucks and exclusive wine sales. Left Coast Marketing & Design was honored to be involved with producing all of the signage, print and digital graphics to support print, web and social media assets. By targeting their existing mailing list with direct mail campaigns and being active on social media by driving awareness to Happy Hour Thursday, they saw a very successful outcome. They also gained group of regulars who helped give the event an amazing reputation by word of mouth. If you are ever in the area in the summer months make sure to check out Trentadues Happy Hour Thursday!

Trentadue Winery is one of our favorite clients to work with and we look forward to continuing to support their marketing initiatives throughout 2018!


2018 Marketing Budgets


2018 Marketing Budgets

In order to get everyone ready for the new year we decided to do a BLOG post dedicated to ways that your company can refresh its Marketing & Creative Assets in order to ensure success during 2018.  Below are 5 different ideas that we think could help you get organized from a sales and marketing perspective!

1. Brand Identity Refresh

January is a great month to revisit your brand identity to make sure it remains fresh with today's style, while still staying true to the roots of your original brand. We love any opportunity to work with our clients to refresh the look and feel of their brand. In order to do so, we must put our creative superpowers together to create authentic content for our clients.  Whether its photography, website design or custom stationary necessities, LCM is here to answer all of your Brand Identity Refresh questions.

2. Brand Style Guide Refresh

A Brand Style Guide includes many important brand assets (i.e. logo, fonts, colors, etc.) needed to begin any creative project. Just like every company needs a set of S.O.P.s (Standard Operating Procedures) every company/brand needs a Brand Style Guide. We like to include examples of both print and digital design assets, relevant call outs, font colors and when to build them for our clients.

3. Digital Marketing Refresh

When planning your digital marketing strategy, be sure to get input from your business development and sales team if you have that capacity. They may have insights from day-to-day interactions with customers regarding content ideas and keywords that are valuable for gaining traction organically in search engine results. Gaining business from your companies social media platforms becomes even easier after getting your 2018 digital media affairs in order!

4. Website Refresh

Have you seen the latest website designs? It's amazing how technology has evolved in the design world over the years. Whether you are looking to refresh your website’s look and feel to appeal to specific audiences, or refresh your content to boost your search engine results, it's a good idea to factor both into your marketing budget. Another important aspect to keep in mind as technology continues to evolve is understanding where your website visitors are coming from. Websites are unique, and we here at Left Coast Marketing know full well that each person or company has specific needs and desires. Our aim is to make your website stronger and more useful for you and your customers.

5. Business Stationary Refresh

Business cards, letterhead, custom email signatures, and graphics are all examples of physical paper items that can be used as business stationery for your company. Refreshing your stationery doesn’t necessarily mean having a full redesign overhaul. It could be as simple as adjusting the layout, adding your social media links or hints of color from your logo in certain text elements. Left Coast Marketing has worked with many different companies to give their stationary an upgrade on numerous occasions, so if you are wanting more information let us know!


Three Last Minute Tips For Holiday Instagram Posts


Three Last Minute Tips For Holiday Instagram Posts

Three Last Minute Tips for your Holiday Instagram Posts

Is your business on Instagram?

Looking for ways to stand out this Holiday Season?

Here are a few simple tactics you can use to grab attention and increase engagement with holiday shoppers on Instagram.

1. Show your holiday products in a way that connects with your Instagram followers

Make sure to show your products in a creative and unique way that appeals to your market. Have professional photos taken, Left Coast Marketing can help you with photography by taking beautiful pictures that are professional and authentic.To generate conversions and increase sales and impulse buys, use high–quality images of your products with mentions of sales, promotions and giveaways. Instagram is one of the most friendly social media platforms! Use the pronoun “You” in your updates to keep it personal and engaging. With many users more willing to splurge come the holiday season, promoting sales and discounts on Instagram gives them the perfect reason to do so.

2. Keep your updates short, friendly, specific and fun

Captions should be concise and can incorporate relevant hashtags. If one of your goals is to increase engagement, ask a question in your caption. Instagram isn’t the place for lengthy paragraphs. Keep things as concise as possible. At this time of year, you might even ask questions like “Tell us one thing you’re thankful for,” or “What’s your favorite Christmas carol?” or “Have you come up with a New Year’s resolution yet?

3. Run a contest for the holiday gifting season

Get your customers more involved with your brand and products. Make social media marketing fun by creating a holiday contest for your followers. The more emotionally invested your customer is, the more likely they will buy from you - and the more likely they will spend more too. Encourage your Instagram audience to create and share holiday–themed content using a branded hashtag. Consider offering some sort of reward, whether you’re running an official contest or not. The prize can be a gift card, giveaway or the chance to have their content featured by your company.


Case Study: Booklets


Case Study: Booklets

Our team here at Left Coast Marketing has been hard at work these past few months! Once a month we like to do a Case Study on a particular project, this month we are focusing on booklets.

 1. What is a booklet and what types of agency activities go into producing a booklet?

A booklet is a small custom published book usually consisting of two or more sheets of letter style paper, folded in half and bound either with staples (ie saddle stitched) or glue ( ie perfect bound). Companies produce booklets for a variety of reasons, to promote their business, to sell or provide information about a product or service, and to connect with their customers. Booklets require a combination of photography, copy writing, layout, design, editing and printing or custom publishing.

2. What types of booklet projects are part of LCM service offerings?

  1. Catalogs

  2. Holiday Gift Guides

  3. Event Programs

  4. Company brochures

  5. Wine Portfolio Tasting Notes

  6. The list goes on an on...

3. How do booklets support our clients’ overall sales & marketing initiatives?

  1. What goals are typically supported by the development of a company's booklet project?: 1. Generate Brand Awareness by distribution and circulation. 2. Provide Sales Conversion, particularly in the case of catalogs. 3. Elevate Brand Perception and anticipation for our clients special events!

  2. What process do we go through to help achieve those goals?: Our standard process here at LCM starts with a kickoff meeting with our client in order to review goals and to plan a timeline of our creative ideas. Once the timeline is completed and a specific output is decided on, we are able to successfully lock down the direction we want to go in order to make our first move. We will then go through a Design Proofing Process that is completed through to the final product. We have created a standard set of Operating Procedures to ensure that our clients experience a smooth, and fun creative process while working with Left Coast Marketing!

  3. What type of results have our clients’ realized in recent years?: We strive to ensure that whatever creative project we work on, our focus remains on the brand message. We focus on presenting our ideas in a way that elevates our clients brand to the highest level. It is very important to us to share in the pursuit of our clients goals, including driving brand awareness and increasing sales conversions. In addition to sales conversions, we are very focused on measuring overall customer engagement and at the very least, ensuring that customers, and prospective customers enjoy the ride!

4. What are some recent client projects that we want to spread the news about?

  1. Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley “Passport on Tour” booklet: The WDCV hosts a River Cruise somewhere in the world every year, typically passing through a well known wine region. This event allows the participants to chat and mingle with the talented Dry Creek Valley winery owners, winemakers and employees. Left Coast Marketing had the pleasure of creating the program that was handed out to passengers on the river cruise. The program included all of the wine activities that were being held for the event as well as tasting notes and a list of wine that was available for purchase.

  2. Corley Holiday Gift Guide: We wanted to do something special for the holidays this year in order to showcase Corley’s holiday discounts and promotions. The team here at LCM came up with the idea of creating a Holiday Gift Guide in order to properly display Corley’s new holiday wine bottle gift sets for their customers. We did everything for this project from the product photography to assisting in content development, as well as the direct mail services. Out of all of the creative projects we work on, the Holiday Gift Guides provide the greatest results for our clients.

  3. Rotary Crab Feast LIVE Auction Program: The annual Rotary Crab Feast has been going on for decades and has raised thousands of dollars to support the Healdsburg community. This year, LCM is honored to be  sponsoring the event and provide marketing and creative support which includes design of their live auction program!

  4. Brasswood Corporate Events Brochure: Brasswood requested that we offer them assistance in promoting corporate events and business at their beautiful St Helena property. We simply pulled their already existing stunning photography and created a fancy booklet for their customers. This booklet was in both print and digital format in order to promote their property and secure new business from around the bay area.


Interested in a booklet for your business? Left Coast Marketing would love to make your vision come to life by helping you create a unique and beautifully designed booklet to showcase your products.